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Tom And Jerry In Infurnal Escape GBA - Cartridge Only
  • Tom And Jerry In Infurnal Escape GBA - Cartridge Only

Tom And Jerry In Infurnal Escape GBA - Cartridge Only

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Tom and Jerry in Infurnal Escape is a cartoon game with a rather complicated plot: In an attempt to catch Jerry, Tom pulls the carpet which Jerry is standing on. But instead of Jerry, a piano comes down and crushes Tom. Tom is sent to hell, where a big red dog puts him in a cauldron to cook him. Fortunately, a fairy-cat appears and offers to help Tom escape provided that he has to go back to the living world and collect as many golden bones as possible. That's where the game begins, with hidden golden bones, funny looking but tough enemies, and the annoying little devil Jerry who tries to make Tom's life miserable or aids the enemies. Players control Tom, in order to collect golden bones and get to the goal while fighting against enemies on the way. Tom can also collect helpful items such as bat (boots hitting power), cheese (distracts Jerry), and Tom's head (Adds one life). There are a total of 15 levels. Players must go through all of them to reach the final boss: the devil dog. When Tom has no more lives, he is sent back to hell, where he has to get his 3 lives back (with 2 minutes limited) to return to the living world and start the level over again. The graphics are 2D. The game has no saving function. Players have to remember the passwords to choose their level.

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