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Spy VS Spy GBC - Cartridge Only
  • Spy VS Spy GBC - Cartridge Only

Spy VS Spy GBC - Cartridge Only

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MAD Magazine's irascible spies continue their video game exploits in Spy vs. Spy for Game Boy Color. As either the White Spy or Black Spy, players run through various furnished rooms to locate the five hidden pieces of "top secret" information needed to evacuate the level. While the game begins as a race against time, players can also place traps in strategic locations throughout the building to thwart their rival's progress. Players can search behind paintings, shelves, and doors in the scramble to find the objects highlighted on a map screen. Traps include springs, time bombs, lit bombs, and water buckets. If a rival spy enters a room without disarming the trap using one of the corresponding tools (umbrella, wire cutters, or a bucket), the resulting attack will kill him and leave all collected objects within the room. Players then start anew in a different room as they race to collect their lost items. When two spies enter the same room, they can engage in hand-to-hand combat by rapidly clubbing each another on the head until one dies. The first Spy to collect all of the items and safely exit the stage wins the round. A total of 32 levels are available to play through in this version, each accessible via password, and two players can compete against each other using the Game Link cable.

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