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WrestleMania 2000 GB - Cartridge Only
  • WrestleMania 2000 GB - Cartridge Only

WrestleMania 2000 GB - Cartridge Only

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Players can select from 16 wrestlers for play in five single-player modes: Championship mode is the main story mode, leading the player's wrestler on a series of matches for the WWF title, with TV-style cutscenes between matches. Vs. mode allows for single matches between two wrestlers, while Tag Team mode features single two-versus-two matches. In Survivor Series mode, the player must assemble two teams of three wrestlers each. Fights are one-on-one, with the loser being removed from the roster, until one side's roster is empty. Finally, Gauntlet mode is a series of consecutive fights against all other wrestlers in the game. A training mode in which the opponent doesn't fight back is also available. A two-player mode is supported via the link cable: two players can match up in single matches, with normal and cage matches being available. During a fight, the ring is seen from the side and scrolls in all four directions. The Game Boy's two buttons are used for context-sensitive moves depending on where the opponent is located. When in a grapple, buttons plus control pad directions allow for more variety in moves. Each wrestler also comes with his own finishing move, activated through pushing Select while in a grapple. These moves can't be activated at any time, however: each wrestler has their own bio-rhythm and the finisher can only be unleashed when their rhythm is at its peak.

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