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007 Agent Under Fire Gamecube
  • 007 Agent Under Fire Gamecube

007 Agent Under Fire Gamecube

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Electronic Arts' interactive Bond film effort, Agent Under Fire for PlayStation 2, was well received. Whether or not this is due to the now legendary Goldeneye game from Rare is arguable, but a Bond game has never been met with more anticipation. So it's no surprise that EA's GameCube offering of the PS2 original is an eagerly awaited title. Initially a first-person spy-fest with guns, Agent Under fire follows Ian Flemming's OO7 creation accurately. The game features crude humour from Bond himself, as well as plethora of Q-lab gadgets and an arsenal of firearms. In the game's action stages, weapons and gadgets, although useful, should be used with caution. This isn't Duke Nukem, it's Bond, James Bond. You've got a license to kill, yes, but it's your stealth tactics and skills as Britain's ultimate uber spy that will make you a good player. The first-person aspect of the game will be much loved, but Agent Under Fire's driving section is a real treat. In several chase or be chased scene's that take place mid-game, you'll have the opportunity to hone your skills as a professional motorist and drive some overly expensive cars. Please, try not to scratch them. Regardless of whether your Solid-Snaking around high-security office buildings or trying to outrun a few nasty henchmen, you must overcome the game's formidable AI to progress. In true James Bond style, your enemies are cunning and your abilities as a virtual secret agent and as a gamer will be put to the test. Agent Under Fire is a fine `Bond simulation' that offers a great challenge, loads of plot twists and numerous of bond girls. Great fun.

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