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Disney's Hide And Sneak Gamecube
  • Disney's Hide And Sneak Gamecube

Disney's Hide And Sneak Gamecube

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Capcom has held the Mickey Mouse license for some years now, using it to produce a variety of adventure games and platformers mostly for Nintendo platforms. Capcom's latest attempt, Disney's Hide and Sneak for GameCube, is no exception. When frolicking in the back garden, Minnie and Mickey stumble across what appears to be an unusually large mushroom or toadstool of sorts. Overwhelmed by curiosity, Minnie recklessly decides to leap onto to it, only to discover that it is in fact an alien from outer space. And when it sweeps her away, Mickey is left with the challenge of finding her again. If you ask us, that's about as bizarre as a Disney story goes, but it's intriguing nonetheless. Also, players have the choice to play as either character, so should they opt to play as Minnie, it'll be Mickey who disappears. Regardless, the adventure will be the same. Where 2003's Magical Mirror was a point-and-click adventure, Hide and Sneak is a full on 3D affair in which players control their character freely in their search for their loved one. Wandering the 3D fantasy locales, gamers will soon stumble across a mansion of sorts, where you believe the mysterious alien kidnapper is hiding out. But he's left a whole other bunch of hostile mushrooms in his wake, and it's your job to sneak past them to reach you goal, hence the name of the game. It's not a complex game, but it's not that forgiving either. One hit from the enemy and it's back to the beginning of that area, so be cautious. However, it's not impossible, and we're sure the kids will enjoy it. It is Disney after all.

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