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Dead Or Alive 6 PS4
  • Dead Or Alive 6 PS4

Dead Or Alive 6 PS4

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After a sinister incident in a village Kasumi, a successor of the legendary Mugen Tenshin ninja clan, abandoned her clan and became a "runaway ninja," secretly living in a hermitage in a mountain village. Meanwhile, Helena Douglas, president of the new DOATEC, is involved in an incident. And yet another... a so-called genius chuckles at a mysterious light emitting an aura... Behind a quiet time, a sinister plan is set in motion. The passing days are about to be unduly overturned due to an open desire. As Kasumi writes to her mother, her pen overflows with hesitation. It's not over yet. Fights in Dead or Alive are based on a triangle system - strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes. When you land an attack of one type that beats another type, like landing a strike when an opponent tries to throw, that attack becomes a Hi Counter attack and does even more damage.

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