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Two Point Hospital Jumbo Edition PS4
  • Two Point Hospital Jumbo Edition PS4

Two Point Hospital Jumbo Edition PS4

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Over three million players have already discovered the unexpected joys of running a hospital, but with this Jumbo Edition it's time for a whole new generation to get in on the action. Alongside the base game is every last scrap of DLC released since launch, including the Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Close Encounters and Off the Grid full expansions, plus the Retro Items Pack and Exhibition Items Pack. In Two Point Hospital low-res '8-bitten' patients roam the corridors looking for an HD fix, some of them are pursued by ghosts because you aren't paying the janitor enough so he isn't doing enough to bust the spirits of the departed and, frankly, no-one is happy with the amount you're charging them. And that, frankly, is precisely how it should be. Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to cult favourite management sim Theme Hospital. While developer Bullfrog and its successor Lionhead are long-gone, enough veterans from the two companies have pulled together to form Two Point Studios to make sure Two Point Hospital offers the same darkly comic cynicism and anarchicly compelling gameplay loops as its predecessor. You're charged with building and running hospitals across 15 different locations, making sure your institutions are reputable and devastatingly profitable. Hospitals start out as flat floor plans for you to fill with GP offices for diagnosis, pharmacies, specialist clinics and staff facilities. You'll need to balance everything from new hires to decoration to making sure the vending machines are full, and just when you feel like everything's in hand it'll be time to seize a new opportunity and upset the apple cart all over again.

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