Final Fantasy VIII PS1
  • Final Fantasy VIII PS1

Final Fantasy VIII PS1

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Retro Condition: Boxed With Manual
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In Final Fantasy VIII's nameless world, soldier training schools known as Gardens exist. The privately owned Gardens are unrelated to any government or military organisations, although they make their money from sending their graduates to join military forces the world over. However, each Garden also has special squads known as SeeD, formed from groups of graduates chosen for having abilities beyond those required for standard military duty. At the Balemb Garden Military Academy, a new SeeD cadet called Squall Leonhart is quickly earning himself a reputation as an overly serious loner with the other recruits. That is, he does until he encounters Rinoa Heartilly, a beautiful free-spirited girl who forces him to question his own anti-social ways. Unfortunately, before he has time to dwell on these thoughts, his squad is called into action to deal with the nation of Galbadia who have become increasingly hostile of late. Is this irrational behaviour connected to the mysterious sorceress that has recently been seen with the country's president? So begins a tale of love, war, friendship and self discovery that captures the high drama of a film with stunning CG cinematics and combines them with an exceptional RPG experience in true Final Fantasy tradition. The innovative Junction System places the development of the various characters under your control as you determine how their magical abilities will evolve and improve throughout the game, essential for victory over the legion of enemies you will encounter on your journeys.

**Game cases may have some cracks on front or back.

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